ALSPPC shoots our monthly USPSA match at the Austin Rifle Club the 1st Saturday of every month. Match registration begins at 9:15am and the match starts at 10am. Any competitor shooting his/her first USPSA match with the club is required to complete a short safety briefing and orientation beginning at 9:30am. Please be aware that handling of firearms at the range is prohibited except in designated safe areas so please do not break out the pistols in the parking lot when you show up. Match entry fees are normally $20, but junior competitors shoot for $10. For more information, contact one of the club officers. All shooters are expected to stay with their squad until their final stage is torn down and cleaned up.

The club also holds a steel match at the Austin Rifle Club on the 4th Saturday of the month. Match times and fees are identical to those of the USPSA matches. Matches generally consist of 5 stages, mostly Steel Challenge style courses of fire. Each stage consists of 5 targets and each shooter fires each stage 5 times. The shooters total time is his/her score. USPSA divisions and classes are recognized.

We send match registration and notification through the mailing list and on our Facebook page. Registration is done through PractiScore or in person on the day of the match. We accept Cash, or Checks for match fees.